Jennie was born in Falkenberg, Sweden, 1979. At birth she was diagnosed with the rare syndrome Arthrogryphos Multiplex Congenita which prevents her from using her arms and legs. She paints with her mouth and have done that since she was a little kid. Jennie uses the artist name IdJeLi and tag the artwork with her initials IJL. She has exhibited nationally as well as internationally at different galleries, art fairs and museums. Find out more about the artist in the menu above.


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¤Sommarsalong, Romele Konsthall Veberöd, 28/5 - 6/6 www.romelegarden.com


¤ARTEXPO2016, East End Studios via Mecenate 84, Milano Italy, 8/9 - 15/9 www.artexpo2016.com












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